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"photography can change the world. ask instagram."

'dream life loaded.'


What you should know about Tamika:

Tamika L. Turner is a photographer, sales coach, and entrepreneur.  Born in Oklahoma City, Turner grew in Little Rock and later attended Auburn University, where she obtained a Bachelors of Art in Art (Concentration in Photography).  During her undergraduate career at Auburn, she worked three jobs to support herself financially.  Two of those focusing primarily on photography.  


Turner spent time as a contract photographer for a local company and got her start with portraits independently. Her desire to create beautiful landscapes lead her on a journey of pursing fine art photography exclusively.  Turner is heavily inspired by her grandfather, the late Willie Anderson and her uncle, the late Clifford Anderson.  From her grandfather, she inherited a love for business and her uncle gave her the gift of photography as a medium.


Turner is in the process of releasing her second photo book, OGMF 2.0, a follow up to her first book which was titled One Goal, Many Faces.  Her work has been featured in restaurants, hotels, galleries and as stock images for companies throughout the United States.


She has recently set a goal to inspire and encourage 1M photographers on their way of navigating and operating a successful and thriving art business.  Turner believes that photographers have a unique way of seeing the world and through their lenses they can create a conversation that inspires people beyond their wildest dreams.

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