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T. L. Turner is a Passionate Mentor, Accomplished Commodities Trader, and 3X Author.  Turner combines 6+ years of Corporate Training and Development to teach effective and proven trading strategies designed for any and every experience level.  

Turner recently published a book for Forex Traders, available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, called "252 Affirmations for the Forex Trader".  She believes that your most prized asset is your ability to choose your thoughts.  

Here is more information about "252 Affirmations for the Forex Trader":

If you are looking to master the Psychology side of Forex Trading, this is the ultimate key to unlocking your mind power. This is the only book that will give you real and practical techniques for getting out of your own way with trading Forex. This will give you the right foundation to launch your Forex Trading career to the next level. 252 Affirmations For the Forex Trader is a collection of inspirational ideas for the every day forex trader. Use these affirmations to discover and unlock your hidden potential. Buy your copy now!

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